SuperOne Top 5 Qualification ends in disappointment for Louis Harvey

Louis Harvey Superone Fulbeck

Louis Harvey showed huge potential this weekend in the 4th round of the TKM SuperOne Series by qualifying 5th for the Final only to have it striped from him by a steward enquiry into an incident during the race which resulted in a 1 lap penalty.

Qualifying on Saturday went well and despite being alone on the track in clean air still managed to qualify 11th out of the 29 Superone drivers racing. This was his highest position in timed qualifying so far this season as the others had been plagued with incidents and engine problems.

Heat one and the mid field was very busy with karts battling for position, unable to make any progress he dropped a place and crossed the line in 12th.

Heat two saw Louis make a great start and by the end of the first lap was up into 6th place, he battled hard to maintain this until the finish and with the added bonus of two penalties ahead of him he came 4th.

With the points in heat 1 & 2 added together Louis started 6th in final 1 this being his highest starting position this season n SuperOne. This final 1 race was intense with everyone trying to catch the leading pack. Mid race Louis was hot on the tail of no 12 who is not in the championship but had entered as a guest driver, misjudged a corner braking too hard and causing Louis to clip his back bumper. This caused kart 12 to slide and lose position. He crossed the line 5th and was excited to be starting final 2 as the highest Rookie and Highest privateer with a real chance of battling for the top spot. However, the incident on circuit was deemed to be his fault by a steward’s enquiry and as a result was given a massive 1 lap penalty dropping him to second to last, ironically just ahead of no 12 who got the same penalty for another incident he was involved in during the same race.

Undeterred Louis lined up for Final 2 determined to try and regain some lost points by working his way through the pack as quickly as possible. Crossing the start line all the karts accelerated down the main straight towards the first right hander. Louis spotting a gap moved over to pass a number of karts and clipped the grass causing his kart to spin off into the gravel and barrier. Struggling to get his kart back on track he lost nearly a whole lap and had to complete the race as best he could and ended up last across the line.

His good performance on in the heats scored him good points and moved him up two places in the championship but with only 3 rounds left he has a lot of work to do.

Louis said “I feel a one lap penaulty was harsh for a genuine racing incident, but I have to take it on the chin and look ahead to my next round in two weeks at GYG in north wales”.


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