Louis Harvey pulls off outstanding recovery drive to finish 12th

Louis Harvey SuperOne GYG

Round five of the Superone Series British Karting championship and Malmesbury’s young racing driver Louis Harvey was dealt even more bad luck. But despite a number of setbacks over the weekend Harvey pulled off an outstanding drive in the final starting from 26th and crossed the line a respectable 12th.

Louis was in good spirits as he travelled to North Wales GYG kart track on Friday with his family as it was his 13th birthday. Having previously done a test day there he was looking forward to driving the very technical track again.

In practise, he showed excellent pace and was happy with the karts setup and had a good feeling about his weekend. This was soon quashed when only two laps into qualifying he was hit off onto the grass and by the time he recovered his kart the qualifying windows had finished leaving him 22nd out of the 30 drivers racing.

Undeterred he had a great first heat making up 7 places to cross the line in 15th. Heat 2 was even more promising when he got himself up to 11th with half the race to run when he became involved in an incident at the top of the hill and was again on the grass. Recovering his kart he had to finish the race settling for 28th.

This meant a disappointing start for Final 1 but he had made up places in previous rounds from lower positions and knew he could do it. With 6 minutes of the race to go he was already in 11th place and on making the move for 10th the kart he was passing turned in and hit his back wheel spinning off the track. He crossed the finishing line in 26th place so an even lower start for final 2.

Heartbroken he had virtually given up when he remembered his advice from this weekend F1 winner Valtteri Bottas Not to give up and anything was possible and was encouraged by his sister Lilli to go and show them he could do it. he started final one in 26th position but with some drivers out of place crossed the start line 27th. What followed was a flawless drive overtaking one kart after another with skill and precision and crossed the finishing line just outside the top ten in 12th place.

This low scoring round has not helped his standings in the 2017 Superone series but with two rounds remaining he still hopes for a change in luck and some top 10 results.

This weekend he will be racing in the Shenington Superprix which will be televised later in the year. This is his home track and also the next track on the Superone series.

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